CEO Editorial: Looking for Natural Alternatives and Dealing with Aging, Memory Loss, Arthritis and Pain Management

When people first start to look into alternative remedies for the aches and pains of age and residual damage from years of hard work, the first place they go is the doctor. A few hundred pain pills later, the patient is left with physical addiction, emotional disconnection, an introverted lifestyle and just as much pain as they started with, often times more. Even as old vehicle and work accidents come back to remind you in your 40’s and enduring pains become more common – there is an overwhelming majority of people who know the damage that pharmaceutical drugs cause, and they want all-natural alternatives. Unfortunately, with a smaller social circle, most folks have only a few people with real supplement and alternative health knowledge to point them toward Cannabidiol (CBD).

Most times, people do what is easy; they ask one or two people about health management options. After finding limited information and few real answers, most will end up using the pharmaceuticals anyway. New studies are showing that prolonged use of pain relievers leads to deafness and loss of the brain’s grey matter if left untreated. What’s more – if you are using any drug with Statins in them, be aware that they are proven to cause permanent memory loss and permanent neural damage. Unfortunately, the medical industry as a whole has not stopped signing Statin based prescriptions.

It is an unfortunate picture show of the real crisis behind the front doors of America. I wish that more people could speak to their neighbor and have a great time with life – leave the pharmaceuticals behind and live all-natural, vibrant lives. I know that it can happen, because I’ve helped hundreds of people get that feeling back in their life with ArisiTol.

One of the most important things in the concept and foundation of TwinFalls Biotech was that this company would only offer the best Cannabidiol supplements in the industry. I must say that it has paid off in a major way for a lot of great customers.

If you or someone you know is looking for a safer alternative treatment option for MS, RA, OA, memory loss or general arthritic inflammation and pain – ArisiTol is made just for you. Arisitol contains 3mg CBD in each lozenge tablet, so getting just the right amount for you is easy. Lust like a breath mint, ArisiTol just dissolves in your mouth while freshening your breath and delivering the CBD at the same time. No stomach upset, and no more steroids. Actually there are a lot of things TwinFalls says No to when it comes to good quality products: No sugar, no salt, no gluten, no wheat, no corn fillers, no soy, no coloring and no preservatives. ArisiTol is non-pharmaceutical, has no known side-effects, no contra indications and will never ‘make you high’.

With such an amazing list of benefits, I am absolutely convinced that CBD Cannabidiol is the supplement of the century. We are still offering a free week’s supply to every new customer, to see if CBD is right for them. Most people are getting results in the first week, and I get an amazing response from the people who try this and then start using it every day. We have testimonials on the website from real people who were so moved that they sent videos and emails thanking us for the amazing changes that the product has brought into their lives. We couldn’t be more proud.